Art Gallery


Welcome to the Art Gallery

Welcome to the art gallery.  Please have a look at all of our artwork, and feel free to leave a comment if you find…

School Work


My Two Week Holiday

  After school, I had a 2 week holiday. I was surprised that I had a holiday after school, but here was what happened….


Could Do Better

This week, I’ve made an app called Could Do Better. Its an app that is used to award good and bad points, for more…


My holiday in England:

After learning as much as I could in year 7, passing all of my tests, and being a good boy, school was over, and…


Hour Of Code

In the hour of code, I learned different types of codes to enter in, which are available in Java.  Java is the most popular…


A Special Day In A Holiday

At sunrise, having prayed Fajr, I was sleeping nicely with my hands lying in 2 different places and a loud snore, which erupted out…