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Welcome to the Art Gallery

Welcome to the art gallery.  Please have a look at all of our artwork, and feel free to leave a comment if you find…

School Work


Changes in the Environment

Changes in the Environment: Nearly all of the habitats do not stay the same as the other habitats do. Like a Dodo habitat and a…


The Moroccan history.

Last time, the Moroccan part used to be joined by Africa’s part. It used to be a Sahara, full of sand. Morocco also has…


Magnets and Electric Current

Magnets and Electric current: Bar Magnets are always permanent magnets. Which means that its magnetism are always there and it cannot be turned/switched off….



Equivalent Ratios and Simplest Form: Equivalent ratios are two numbers that can divide into other numbers exactly. Like 20 : 10. Both numbers can divide…


Behaviour of Matter

Expansion and contraction: Substances expand when they are heated up. For example: when you put a metal piece in a machine that produces hot…


Particle Model

Solids: Solids have particles can’t be squashed by a plunger. Solids have a material, for example: Wood; people get wood from living things like trees. Wood…


Negative numbers

Ordering: Any number which is higher than the number ’0′ are positive numbers. Positive numbers have nothing or have the symbol which is ‘+’….