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Welcome to the Art Gallery

Welcome to the art gallery.  Please have a look at all of our artwork, and feel free to leave a comment if you find…

School Work


The pH scale and neutralization

Solutions can be acidic, alkaline or neutral: We get an acidic solution when an acid is dissolved in water We get an alkaline solution when…


The human gas exchange system

Aerobic respiration requires oxygen, and it makes every human to breathe out carbon dioxide as a waste product. The human respiratory system contains the organs that…


Parts of a flower

Sepals : Protect the unopened flower. Petals : May be brightly coloured to attract insects. Stamens : The male parts of the flower (each…


Skeletal System

Skeleton System:   The skeletal system includes bones that do a certain job: The skull protects the brain from damage. The ribcage protects more…



Background and Location: Antarctica is the world’s most coldest place with the lowest temperature, 89.2°C. It also has the title of the world’s most highest continent…